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be a hero. do something!

There are limitless ways that you can help an animal save a life, an option for any situation you are in. Here just a few ways you can make a difference in an animal’s life today.

shelterpets-pickmeAdopt: Save one of the millions of companion animals in shelters and rescues waiting for a home just like yours. Most are homeless through no fault of their own, 25% of adoptable animals are PUREBREDS, adopting is less costly, our pets have gone through behavioral analysis and had some training, and they have plenty of love to give. If you have some rooms, save a life, don’t buy. View our adoptable dogs>>

Donate: We know that it’s not always feasible to add another pet to your home. There are many ways you can donate to help us continue to save animals.

  • Check out our wish list  to see what items that we are most in need of. Then purchase them either through our Amazon wish list or at your local pet supply store (like Petco who do not sell puppy mill animals).
  • Donate your own monetary gift either via our website or the mail (Unforgettable Underdogs, PO Box 372, Little Chute, WI 54140)
  • Check out our ‘Saving the Underdogs’ online store! Help us raise necessary funds to save more dogs through purchasing hand-made items, participating in ‘parties’ with various businesses who will donate proceeds of the purchases to the rescue, and purchasing other cool items worth buying.
  • If you are a business, consider being a sponsor for dogs in care. Learn what it means to be a sponsor >>
  • Start a food or supplies drive and ask your family, friends and co-workers to help gather needed supplies for Unforgettable Underdogs.
  • In lieu of birthday or wedding gifts, ask your friends and family to make a monetary donation in your name. We’ve seen a number of kids do this in our area for their birthdays, and that’s just completely awesome and selfless!
  • Participate in bake sales, dog treat sales, brat fry’s, crafts sales, or rummage sales. Then donate some or all of the proceeds.
  • If you have used supplies, rescues can often take them if cleaned and sanitary.

vonunteer-with-dog-at-an-animal-shelterVolunteer: Many rescues operate largely, if not fully, with volunteers. This means they have no paid staff and cannot function with a solid foundation of volunteers to care for the animals, raise funds for the organization, manage the facility, and much more. Here are just a few ways you might help Unforgettable Underdogs:

  • Events/Fundraising: Participate and support our team through planning, coordinating, and implementing of events to help raise money and awareness.
  • Foster a dog. Read more about fostering>>
  • Adoption events: visit a store with adoptable pets and network with the public by answering questions, collecting adoption/volunteer applications, etc.
  • Outreach: Create awareness and promote our mission via events, education and pet postings.
  • Volunteer Engagement (recruit, retention, communication, support, outreach, appreciation activities, etc)
  • Animal care: Help socialize Unforgettable Underdogs’ dogs
  • Marketing: Assist with website, marketing materials, communication and other promotional sources.
  • Transport animals: assist moving animals from a shelter to the rescue, or vet appointments.
  • Vet assistance: provide vet services if your background is in the veterinary field.
  • Team lead: Lead a group for various areas within the organization such as volunteer recruitment/management, events, fundraising, animal adoptions, fosters, etc.
  • Making items to sell through UU (proceeds go towards dogs in our care – dog treats, dog beds, dog toys, crafts, etc)

Foster: We can’t begin to express the importance of fostering. We 100% rely on having foster homes in order to save lives. For us, fostering has been about the most rewarding experience we’ve had. This also means we completely get how hard it is to let a foster pet go. But we also have watched so many dogs die because there was no space for them at a rescue or shelter. It is this simple:

970340_10200570680324271_1857263296_n These aren’t just words, this is the truth. The few days we hurt from our foster going to a wonderful new forever home is much easier to take than when we see one die not because he was sick or was dangerous, but because no one would step up and give them temporary shelter.

Fill out an application to become a foster    : :    Learn more about fostering with Unforgettable Underdogs

For more information on fostering with Unforgettable Underdogs, please email us at volunteers@unforgettableunderdogs.org.

Transport: There is a whole world out there of transport connections that bring dogs and cats to safety. You would probably be surprised how many travel right by you! Getting animals out of high-kill shelters and into the safety of rescues largely rely on regular people using their vehicles to take a small trip out of their day to truly save the life of a poor homeless pup. All it takes is a vehicle, slip lead, kennel to protect the dog’s safety, and maybe a treat or two. There are local and in-state transports to move pets within your state from shelters to rescues.

You wouldn’t believe the connections you can make in rescue and the animals you can save via Facebook! You’ll see above many of those transport organizations are based from Facebook or also utilize Facebook to fill their needs.

Share: Sometimes it’s just not possible to adopt, donate or transport. Sharing absolutely does save lives, because the right person might see an animal in need at the right time and help save their life! So many times I saved a dog because someone tagged me in a Facebook post or made a last plea for a dog that was going to get euthanized the next day.

  • Follow high-kill or overcrowded shelters in your state who often have urgent needs for adopters/rescues and share those animals with your network or local rescues who might be able to help and pull/save some. A good place to do this is on Facebook.
  • Follow local rescues and shelters and share their animals up for adoption with your network.
  • Share photos on your Facebook wall, via email, or hang posters in public locations of animals available for adoption through local rescues.
  • Call or email local rescues to see if they are able to pull any dogs you find in need in these overcrowded shelters in other areas of the state. Be as SPECIFIC as possible or the rescue may just ignore you. They are extremely busy, have a lot of dogs come in front of them to save and are often volunteers.
  1. Lead them to the specific dogs that need rescue – include that information in your email
  2. If possible, offer to help arrange transport through transport coordinators that are often found on the transport pages mentioned above. Dealing with the logistics of transporting can be time consuming and too difficult for rescues so they may shy away from helping due to time limitations.
  3. Help get the dog physically to the rescue so those managing the dogs at the rescue can focus on things they are already responsible for. No only do you help save a dog, you’re also volunteering!

Educate:The only way to get to a no-kill nation is for everyone to become responsible pet owners and we eliminate irresponsible backyard breeding. Animals can’t speak for themselves – be their voice, their advocate. Educate family, friends, the community about the importance of spay/neuter, how backyard breeding kills, that people should choose adoption and save a life, how people can help area rescues, etc. Share on Facebook, post flyers, discuss in conversation. Spread the word!

Report Cruelty: If you suspect animal cruelty, contact your local humane organization, animal control agency, taxpayer-funded animal shelter or police department. Here are some additional tips to report animal cruelty.