Unforgettable Underdogs is more than just a rescue trying to find homes for dogs. We are also committed to educating the local community about animal overpopulation, adoption instead of buying, the importance of spaying/neutering, how to get involved, how to care for your dog, and and how to train for common, treatable behavior problem.

These interactions will reinforce Unforgettable Underdogs’ commitment to being an asset in its community and a resource to those who support animal rescue.

Learn about a variety of these topics through the ‘Saving Underdogs’ Blog.

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Lost Dogs

Found a lost dog? Need to report a lost a dog? The Lost Dogs of WI is here to help you and has helped reunite many found dogs with their owners.
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin Website
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin Facebook Page
Lost Dog Report Form used to report a lost dog and generate a flier as well as the
Found Dog Report Form: used if you find a lost dog