From time to time, we receive donations in the name of a beloved pet, in honor of a cherished companion, or simply in the name of a special friend. Memorial Gifts are always an excellent way to honor a person or pet who has added to the value of your life. A Gift to UU has been made in the name of the following pets and people:

January 2017: Sawyer
In loving memory of Sawyer





July 2016: Daisy                                                                                   
In loving memory of Daisy.Daisy

May 2016: Betty Monell
In loving memory of Betty, from her family.
May 2016: Frances Gitter
In loving memory of Frances, from her family.
December 2015: Nancy Koceja
This donation is in honor of Laura and Brandon Beck, two people who have opened their hearts and home to rescue dogs. Love from Aunt Nancy


Sara&ZoeApril 2015: EAA Friends and Co-Workers of Sara Miller
In loving memory of Zoe : 2005-2015. You left us too early and suddenly, and is the drive for her momma to educate more about senior care so others don’t have to go through what they did.
kenzieJune 2014: Kevin Hazaert
In loving memory of Kenzie aka “Moosie”: October 25, 2002 – July 23, 2013.
545890_10200918105183272_70950853_n (3)February 2014: Chris Jovaag & Liz Kelm
For Parents Ed & Kari Bowen of Oshkosh WI, and
Beloved Grandparents Ted & Karen Bowen, also of Oshkosh
In the name of their dog, Coach, who just passed to the great grassy field.
imageimageDecember 2013: Elizabeth Quaintance – Greenville, WI
In memory of our little Peanut, and also for our 3 Dogs (Jackyl, Buster, and Duncan)