fostering saves lives

Unforgettable Underdogs’ foster program is the most critical part of our organization, as it is the ONLY way we can save lives through placing our dog into safe and loving homes while they await their permanent adoptive homes. We do not have a facility, so WE CANNOT SAVE THEM WITHOUT YOU!

fostering saves lives pawBy making the commitment to foster, you can truly change the life of a homeless pet. Being a foster parent entails taking a homeless animal into your home and providing him/her with food (provided by UU), water, appropriate exercise, socialization, basic training (we have a trainer available for any help you need), proper handling and love. There is no greater satisfaction or rewarding experience than watching a pup broken from his/her past, scared, unsure of trust or just in need of a bit of love, bloom into an incredibly happy puppy who was adopted because of the bridge you provided him/her to freedom.

Become a UU Foster
We ask that you treat the pets kindly, have patience with them and understand that they have all been abandoned or displaced by circumstances entirely out of their control. Some knowledge about companion animal behavior and health is helpful, but we will provide foster parents with all the necessary training to be comfortable in their new role. We work very closely with you as much as you need throughout your time fostering, we provide many levels of training to help you with your foster, and we are there for you whenever you need it! We will place animals into your home that best suites your background and home life.

There’s no cost to you. Unforgettable Underdogs provides for the dog (including veterinary care), all you need to provide is shelter and love! We:

  • pay for all medical bills, vaccinations and medications for the foster dog
  • give guidance for training and adoptions
  • match potential adoptive families with your foster pet
  • provide all equipment, food, treats, toys and other necessities
  • provide education on how to care for your foster animal

We completely get how hard it is to let a foster pet go. But we also have watched so many dogs die just because there was no space for them at a rescue or shelter, or because it was too emotionally hard for someone. But truly, the few days we hurt from our foster going to a wonderful new forever home is much easier to take than when we see one die not because he was sick or was dangerous, but because no one would step up and give them temporary shelter.

To become a foster, please fill out an application, or contact to learn more.

10 Reasons to Foster a Dog
  1. You increase that dog’s chance of being adopted. You can spread the word about what a good dog he or she is, how they interact with people and other animals. By living with you, dog has the chance to learn behavior that will make him/her more appealing to other families.
  2. Your own dog will learn more social skills.
  3. It’s a good way to see if you are ready for an additional dog.
  4. You help the rescue learn about the dog’s personality. It’s hard to know much about a dog when it’s is living in a shelter environment with many other dogs. Placing dogs in foster homes help rescues learn if the dogs like children, beg at the table, chase cats, bark when crated, know basic commands or have high or low energy.
  5. You are saving a dog’s life. Many rescues are full to their limits and cannot take in more dogs until additional foster homes open up.
  6. Many animal rescues can’t function without foster homes.
  7. You might end up with a new family member. Many foster families realize the dog they are fostering is a perfect fit for their family. This is a happy ending for both the dog and humans.
  8. The dog gets to live with your family rather than at a shelter. Dogs get stressed from shelter conditions. Shelters are noisy with limited one-on-one interaction. The dogs don’t get enough exercise, training or socialization.
  9. Any volunteering makes a person feel good. Fostering a dog is a way to give back to your community. If you love animals, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a homeless dog.
  10. It’s a way to help if you don’t have enough money to donate.
A few common questions

Home much time will it take?
The specific needs of the dog will determine home much time is involved. An orphaned puppy must be fed every few hours. A frightened animal who needs socialization or training will also require some extra time. You can discuss your situation and preferences with Unforgettable Underdogs to determine what kind of dog you will be best suited to foster.

What if I have children?
Depending on the age of your children, they may find fostering a dog just as rewarding as you will. In fact, with your guidance and supervision older children could assume some responsibility for the dog’s care and training. In most cases, dogs and children alike will benefit from caring for a dog and this will be a wonderful family experience. We will be sure to place foster dogs in your home that are good with children.

What about my own pets?
You will, of course, want to consider how the animals in your household will adjust to having a foster pet. Most animals do very well with a temporary friend; fostering will help socialize the foster animal as well as your own. It’s important that your animals be up to date on their vaccinations. We will be sure to place foster dogs in your home that are good with other dogs.

Will I have to find a home for my foster dog?
No, Unforgettable Underdogs will place the dog on our website, Petfinder, Petango and social media, and will promote them to find the right permanent home. Applications will be handled through our rescue. However, we certainly welcome any help you can provide us for placement, and encourage you, as the foster family, to be involved in this process as you know the dog best. We will also ask your assistance in attending adoption events to help bring more awareness to our adoptable dogs.

What about food and medical care?
Unforgettable Underdogs will take care of all medical expenses and provide food.

What about when it’s time to say good bye?
Giving up an animal you’ve fostered, even to a wonderful new home, can be difficult emotionally. However, you have to keep in mind that you have given the greatest gift of all to your foster dog – the gift of LIFE! That dog could not have been saved if it wasn’t for you bringing him/her into your home. A lot of foster families stay in touch through updates and photos sent by the new family. Knowing you were part of saving a life and helping the animal find a loving home is tremendously rewarding.

What happens if my family grows attached to the dog and would like to adopt?
Sometimes a foster home turns into a permanent home. That’s why rescues always need new foster homes! But, during those moments when it’s so hard to let them go, just remember this: If keeping this foster dog means you can’t take in another dog in need, then you could be missing out. And the other dogs in need are definitely missing out, potentially on their future.

But is it fair to the animal?
Some people are reluctant to foster animals because they are concerned that it is unfair to take in a dog, establish a bond, and then allow the animal to be adopted to another home. Isn’t that a second abandonment? Not at all! Being in a foster home can be a lifesaving bridge for a stray or frightened pet. It gives the animal a chance to get used to life in a house, and an opportunity to learn that people can be kind, food is available, and there is a warm, secure place to sleep. Foster care can help prepare a dog for a new life in a permanent home.

There is no better feeling watching a dog enter your home broken, and leave with his/her head high fully ready to make their new family happy – which would have never been possible without you. That adoption may not be possible without you.