mission statement

Unforgettable Underdogs Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer run, 100% foster-based, dog rescue serving the Northeast Wisconsin area. We are dedicated to rescuing the underdogs, those who have found themselves homeless and truly need us. We strive to help dogs in area high-kill shelters, those that do not do well in shelters, dogs given up or abandoned by their owners. We’re here for the fearful, shy, injured, sick, abused, neglected, or simply put… the underdog. We provide the highest quality of care for each dog based on their individual needs, while they are in loving foster homes. We focus on quality of care, not quantity of animals. 

We find loving, responsible, committed permanent homes. An in-depth adoption process is used, which includes taking considerable care in finding perfect matches and educating potential adopters about the responsibilities of bringing a dog, especially their particular dog, into their life.

So simply, our mission is saving the lives of underdogs in our area and providing community programs that create a better world for homeless dogs.

Dogs we care for are spayed or neutered, treated for any medical needs they have, and placed into loving foster homes until they find their permanent home. We aim to help distressed dogs, no matter the age or breed.

We are determined to keep overhead expenses extremely low so that the greatest amount possible goes directly to the care of the animals. We vow to take a follow through interest in the dog’s welfare well beyond the adoption process.

Finally, it is our ultimate goal to work with area shelters and other local organizations in order to develop a network of supporters and volunteers, along with community programs, in order to create a better world for homeless pets.

Unforgettable Underdogs was founded by Gloria Boyce, Lacey Kieffer, Sara Miller, and Katie Nechodom with a dream to save the Wisconsin underdogs in most need one at a time.


Current board of directors:

lacey kieffer

lacey-picMy name is Lacey and my passion for animals has always been a part of my life. I live with my Husband Rick in the valley. We have 4 dogs, one of which we adopted from UU after fostering her, and we share our home with some kitties too. I have volunteered and fostered for other organizations since 2009.  However it has always been a dream of mine to have a rescue where I can give even more.

I also volunteered my time as a caseworker for Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, it’s so great to see dogs reunited with their people.  I also work part time at Clever K9’s in Kaukauna as a Dog Care Technician. Clever K9’s provides boarding, training, daycare, and has a great selection of food, treats, toys, and other pet items. I have been able to attend many classes, and learned so many things about dog behaviors that have driven my passion to learn more regarding dogs with special needs and behavior issues.

The most life changing experience happened in March 2013. Rick and I took a blind leap of faith and decided to privately foster a feral dog named Maybel. She was afraid of everything, and I mean everything! She had no vet care and was bounced around between foster homes and rescues… she had no sense of security in her life. Wesson and myself were the first to enter her circle of trust, with the other dogs and Rick following after a while. Wesson had brought to her a sense of peace that I couldn’t provide. She had a long journey and taught me more about love, trust, and life than any other foster dog ever has. She lived in our home up until November 2013 when an amazing couple fell in love with her. It is because of her that I want to do more for the “underdog” – the one that’s been overlooked because they are shy or afraid. I want to change more lives in her honor. While the time and commitment is much larger than fostering a “normal” social butterfly, the reward is beyond what I can even describe.


Tammy Walker

My name is Tammy, I have always had a deep compassionate love for all creatures. I’ve had rescues in my life since I was a child when my dad brought home an abandoned German Shepard. My Husband and Step-Son have volunteered with UU since 2015 and we love to spend our family time focused helping the dogs.  For the past 20+ years I have shared my life with Dachshunds. I chose to dedicate my volunteer time to Unforgettable Underdogs because we focus on the “underdog” and we choose to help the dogs in Wisconsin.

Jessica Passamoni

Hi! My name is Jessica. I live in Green Bay with my husband and our two dogs Feta and Brie (yes, like the cheese!). They are sisters and are rescues from Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay. I’ve been involved in rescue in some way, shape or form for the past 9 years. I started by volunteering at my local shelter but that quickly turned into something more. It turned into a way of life, my lunch break, nights and weekends were spent living the animals who needed me the most. This quickly turned into my desire to foster (enter Feta and Brie). Feta and Brie were solely supposed to be “short term guests” but they needed me just as much as I needed them. I began to become involved more with a large dog rescue as well as fostering kittens. I soon realized that my passion was for the underprivileged dogs. A foster dog named, Willow, changed my rescue journey forever. Willow came to me so sick, and the journey of helping the underprivileged dogs began. Willow taught me how to love, and how to work through the hard times. I almost lost Willow but rescue taught me that no matter how hard and emotional, you have to push on. Willow made a miraculous recovery and was adopted. Her adoption pushed me to continue rescue but at a smaller level. I’ve been involved with UU since 2014. I can’t help but to support and love a rescue that embodies everything I believe in, in a rescue. A rescue that values the underprivileged, under loved and Underdogs. We will keep rescuing and educating until one day when we hope it isn’t needed anymore


Stacy Muinde

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