Unforgettable Underdogs Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer run, 100% foster-based, dog rescue serving the Northeast Wisconsin area. We are dedicated to rescuing the underdogs, those who have found themselves homeless and truly need us. We strive to help dogs in area high-kill shelters, those that do not do well in shelters, dogs given up or abandoned by their owners. We’re here for the fearful, shy, injured, sick, abused, neglected, or simply put… the underdog. We provide the highest quality of care for each dog based on their individual needs, while they are in loving foster homes. We focus on quality of care, not quantity of animals. 

We find loving, responsible, committed permanent homes. An in-depth adoption process is used, which includes taking considerable care in finding perfect matches and educating potential adopters about the responsibilities of bringing a dog, especially their particular dog, into their life.

So simply, our mission is saving the lives of underdogs in our area and providing community programs that create a better world for homeless dogs.

Dogs we care for are spayed or neutered, treated for any medical needs they have, and placed into loving foster homes until they find their permanent home. We aim to help distressed dogs, no matter the age or breed.

We are determined to keep overhead expenses extremely low so that the greatest amount possible goes directly to the care of the animals. We vow to take a follow through interest in the dog’s welfare well beyond the adoption process.

Finally, it is our ultimate goal to work with area shelters and other local organizations in order to develop a network of supporters and volunteers, along with community programs, in order to create a better world for homeless pets.

Unforgettable Underdogs was founded by Gloria Boyce, Lacey Kieffer, Sara Miller, and Katie Nechodom with a dream to save the Wisconsin underdogs in most need one at a time.




My name is Tammy, I have always had a deep compassionate love for all creatures. I have had rescues in my life since I was a child when my dad brought home an abandoned German Shepard. My Husband and Step-Son have volunteered with UU since 2015 and we love to spend our family time focused helping the dogs.  For the past 20+ years I have shared my life with Dachshunds. I chose to dedicate my volunteer time to Unforgettable Underdogs because we focus on the underdog and we choose to help the dogs in Wisconsin.


Hello!  My name is Stacy Muinde.  I have been a hug animal lover all of my life.  I grew up raising dogs with my parents. In addition to dogs, horses and cats have always been part of my life.  I have fostered on and off for about 5 years.  I really enjoy seeing a dog be successful and succeeding at life.  My family includes my husband Charlie, daughters Addison and Kayla, sons Wyatt and Ryan, 4 dogs, Crash, Ez, Izzy, and Ninja (UU alumni), and a cat.  We live on the hobby farm I grew up at with horses and barn cats. My passion for animals has led me to this great organization. I couldn’t be more happy to be on the board of directors.

HI! My name is Shannon Shelley and as a kid my dream was to become a vet or find a profession where I could save as many animals as possible. After graduating college with a degree in Animal Science, I found myself taking a career path much different than what I had dreamed. In order to fulfill my passion of saving animals I decided to start fostering dogs for UU and really love it!!! It has been so amazing to feel a part of an organization that saves so many dogs (and sometimes cats!) lives. Getting to get to know the hard working people behind the scenes of rescue truly made me appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into saving each and every animal that enters the Unforgettable Underdogs family. My favorite hobbies all revolve around spending time with my two fur babies, a Vizsla and a Red Heeler mix and my soon-to-be hubby, Kendall.
Hello! My name is Vanessa.  Love and compassion for animals has been a large part of my life from the very beginning.  From befriending neighborhood farm cats, to nurturing a number of “pocket pets,” it was obvious to me and those around me that I was destined to have a home filled with 4 legged kids.
I live in Neenah with husband Andy, our three rescue dogs (Wilson, Abby, and Kobe) and our three kitties (Coop, Mira, and Pinna).  We lovingly refer to our home as the ‘Culrue Zoo.’ Wilson was our first “true” rescue animal.  He opened my eyes to a different side of rescue and was the driving force behind my motivation to become active in the rescue community.  Since then I’ve attended numerous fundraisers, volunteered, and searched for creative ways to be the voice of the voiceless.  Our third dog came into lives sick an din need of help!
The way UU graciously stepped up and helped made it clear to me that UU was an organization that I would be proud to be a part of.
When I was asked to pursue a more active role in UU, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  So here I am, learning so
much and hoping to make a bigger impact in the rescue community.




Hello, my name is Michelle and I am the proud dog Mom of two spoiled rescue dogs.  I never had dogs growing up, and a month after I got married, my husband said lets get a dog….I was like WHAT?  He went to the local Humane Society and found a Brittany, and since I had no dog knowledge, I said let’s call her Britney.  She has since passed and will always hold a special place in my heart.  I found out about UU and started by volunteering at local events.  The rest is history!  I like the foster based belief, and preparing the dog for their forever home.  We are not a huge rescue, but we have a huge heart.