• Male
  • 4 years
  • Golden Retriever
  • Appleton, WI
  • Hi all, I’m Buddy! If you c’mon over here and scratch behind my ear, I’ll tell you a story. It’s got a sad part of it but don’t worry, it will have a happy ending! I’m a 4.5 year old Golden Retriever mix. Since I was a puppy, I lived with a nice lady in Kenosha who loved me, but didn’t socialize me. Recently, she passed away and I lived alone in the house for 3 weeks. The nice neighbor lady came by and fed me and let me outside twice but it was scary living alone for so long! The person cleaning my mom’s house said I needed to find a home or I would go to the shelter.

    Fortunately, just in time, a nice lady saw my picture and my story on something called the Facebook and she said she’d take me in until I found a home. As scared as I was to meet those new people, I was so happy to be headed to freedom! My new foster ma and pa spent a lot of time loving me and I learned I could trust them! They spent hours slowly introducing me to my doggy foster brothers. Because I don’t have much experience with other doggies, through lots of training and slowly introducing us (and lots of treats), I began to realize that these doggie dudes were actually okay and they weren’t going to eat me.

    My foster ma said that I’m to the point of being a normal dog for day to day activities and that makes me really happy. Last week, I even got to go to the pet store to get microchipped! As we were checking out, I met a few new people and dogs. The one lady was super loud, but I was calm the entire time! I even ran into a Rottweiler/Mastiff mix and with the comfort of my foster pa, I didn’t get scared! They said I’ve made so much progress in the last three weeks. But now I’m on a new journey.. a journey to find my forever home and family. I even got all dressed up to take some pictures to show the world how handsome, sweet, and playful I am. Check them out here. I’m hoping to find someone who likes cuddling on the couch just as much as I do and will keep helping me learn new places in the outside world. Speaking of… you’re scratching behind my ear just right, could my new home be with you?

    Contact us at adoptions@unforgettableunderdogs.org if you’d like to meet me!